Destination Wedding Photographers

What is a destination wedding photographer?

If you’re planning a wedding abroad or a premiere location here in the United States, you’ll want to select a destination wedding photographer to document your wedding festivities. So what exactly is a destination wedding photographer? Your ideal photographer will have the skill and experience to create gorgeous wedding photos no matter what conditions your wedding day throws at them. We create beautiful natural light images throughout the day and capture the celebration in amazing fashion even after the sun sets.  We help our couples to create stunning wedding day portraiture unique to their personalities and the location of the wedding. We document your destination story to help you remember details that will jog your memory, helping you to relive the beauty and festivities for a lifetime.

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Why hire a destination wedding photographer?

Many resort destinations will offer a photographer as part of their wedding package. These photographers are local to that resort and often only capture a small fraction of your wedding day. Many provide you less than 100 images from your wedding day while charging you thousands. Hiring your own destination wedding photographer allows you to have your entire day captured, and often activities the day before and the opportunity for portraiture the day after. The day after session allows the couple to explore their resort or location and create amazing imagery along the way. No limits, just beautiful wedding images worthy of your time and investment in a destination wedding.

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What to look for in a destination wedding photographer?

Whether wedding locally or abroad, you’ll want a photographer skilled to capture every facet of your day. And because your photographer will be in closer proximity to you than any other professional on your wedding day, you’ll want someone who you mesh well with: someone in tune with you aesthetically and personally.

You’ll also want someone with experience traveling professionally for weddings. Navigating airports and customs with their professional gear, adhering to local regulations, familiarity with the destination and comfort documenting in varying weather and lighting scenarios are among the challenges photographers face working abroad. Every destination photographer has to overcome these challenges to gain the experience that inspires the confidence a couple should expect for such a grand occasion.

Your final product should include much more than digital files. Having a magnificent wedding album and beautiful wall art should be your minimum expectation for such an occasion.  You’ll want to look upon your wedding day in a manner commensurate with your grand celebration.

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How much does a destination wedding photographer cost?

Cost varies among photographers. Some photographers prefer to manage the expense of travel, food, lodging, and rates by presenting the couple with a larger overall photography cost. We prefer a more transparent approach of allowing the couple to select among our standard wedding collections and give the couple flexibility to handle travel, food and lodging expenses themselves. Creative couples often utilize points and/or the power of bundling with their travel expert to better manage overall cost, including any resort vendor fees.

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