Grand Marquise Ballroom | Quenton + Ethel

When asked what is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples, Ethel’s faith was on full display. She replied, “God first, then each other, and always have disagreements in private. Always respect each other. Hold hands. Call each other through out the day. Remember to date each other AFTER you are married. Never forget the reason you said YES to each other from the start. NEVER let anyone come before your spouse.” Quenton + Ethel’s love of God and each other is precisely why I knew I had to photograph their nuptials at the Grand Marquise Ballroom.

Grand Marquise Ballroom

Complete with insights from the bride!

Grand Marquise wedding day Quenton + Ethel
September 17, 2016
Grand Marquise Ballroom

Grand Marquise Ballroom | Quenton + Ethel | quentonEthellWedding 0004Share with us how you two met:
Quenton and I met eight years ago. We worked successfully together for seven of those years. We did our job joyfully and met once a month for the meetings that were required because of our roles and responsibilities.

Once, at a dinner with just Quenton and myself, Quenton said that he has had something that he has been wanting to tell me for the past seven years. He said to me, that the day that he first saw me, when I got off of the elevator in my blue jeans and blue sneakers, he said to himself “the Lord is my Shepard and I see what I want!” I thought that he was joking. It suddenly became obvious that he was not kidding. Things became really real.

Grand Marquise Ballroom | Quenton + Ethel | quentonEthellWedding 0056

All of these years, I never knew that secretly Quenton was thinking of me in that way. In my eyes, he was one of the best employees that his company had. Not to mention that I thought to myself, from time to time, that he was handsome. However, I never uttered a word to anyone.
In January, 2015, my Daughter Patrice and I, during our telephone conversation, agreed in the spirit that 2015 would be the year that the one that God has for me would be revealed. We agreed that my spiritual eyes would be opened, and that the one He Kept for me would come for me.

Now, here we are ready to commit to each other for the rest of our lives. I know that surely the journey to this place had to have been divinely orchestrated exactly as it was because truly God had a date, time and a plan for the day that He would reveal… “The One He Kept For ME!” I love him! I DO!

Raleigh Sheraton Hotel Raleigh Sheraton Hotel wedding dayTell us about your proposal:
Quenton asked me to join him for a trip to visit his family in Florida. I accepted the invitation. This was our official first road trip and I was excited to be meeting his family. On the drive there, he talked a lot about his family and how close he was with both his mother and father. He was passionate as he spoke of how he missed them and wanted to stop by their plots. While there, I joined him as he reminisced and he became emotional. He said to me that he knew that both of his parents would love to have met me in person, and I would have enjoyed knowing them as well. I hugged Quenton and said to him that I would wait for him in the car to give him a few additional moments alone. As I walked away, Quenton called out my name, I turned around and there he was with this beautiful diamond ring proposing marriage. I ran back into his arms and screamed YES!

Bridal shoesHow about your wedding shoes and jewelry:
My shoes were ordered and purchased from Aldo. My jewelry was purchased in El Paso, TX.

Grand Marquise Ballroom | Quenton + Ethel | quentonEthellWedding 0013Grand Marquise Ballroom | Quenton + Ethel | quentonEthellWedding 0106Tell us about your bridesmaids:
There were a total of 10
2 Matrons of Honor – Mrs. Armeta Johnson & Mrs. Patrice Tabon
1 Maid of Honor – Ms. Lucy Fiuniciello
7 Bridesmaids:
– Mrs. Curtesha Liburd
– Ms. Astaria Newsome
– Mrs. Regina Astheimer
– Ms. Sherry Major
– Mrs. Quentisha Daniels
– Ms. Hope Cooper
– Mrs. Crystal Brown

Grand Marquise Ballroom | Quenton + Ethel | quentonEthellWedding 0108Grand Marquise wedding Describe your wedding dress. What was wedding shopping like for you?
Initially, I purchased 2 dresses. When it was time to go to my seamstress, it was hands down a dress fit for a Queen. Shopping for the dress was amazing. My Mother, Matron of Honor, Maid of Honor, Mother of Honor and Bridesmaid were all there. At the end of the day, we went with the dress chosen by my daughter-in-love Patrice. She was a Matron of Honor and is my sons’s wife.

Grand Marquise Ballroom | Quenton + Ethel | quentonEthellWedding 0133Grand Marquise Bridal SuiteGrand Marquise Ballroom | Quenton + Ethel | quentonEthellWedding 0138A Fresh Affair Bridal bouquet Tell us about your flowers:
Our flowers were selected by our florist – A Fresh Affair

A Fresh Affair bouquet Grand Marquise Ballroom | Quenton + Ethel | quentonEthellWedding 0157I DoGrand Marquise Ballroom | Quenton + Ethel | quentonEthellWedding 0203Grand Marquise Ballroom | Quenton + Ethel | quentonEthellWedding 0209Grand Marquise Ballroom | Quenton + Ethel | quentonEthellWedding 0216Tell us about your hair & makeup:
Hair and makeup was done by Mrs. Sonya Murphy, Brand and Product Owner of BeyondBeautifulCosmetics.

Grand Marquise Ballroom | Quenton + Ethel | quentonEthellWedding 0261Grand Marquise Wedding Grand Marquise BrideWhat’s your favorite image from your wedding day, and why:
My favorite image from our wedding day was my bridal portrait on display in the lobby during our amazing reception.

Grand Marquise Ballroom | Quenton + Ethel | quentonEthellWedding 0350Grand Marquise GroomTell us about his groomsmen:
There were a total of 10
2 Best Men- Mr. Stanley Lawrence & Mr. Robert Tyson
8 Groomsmen
– Mr. Moise S. Tabon, Jr. (Son of Bride/Brides Escort)
– Mr. Willie James
– Mr. Mitchell James
– Mr. George Ragin
– Mr. Chris McDougald
– Mr. Thomas Wooten
– Mr. Ted Brown
– Mr. Sherman Boone (Absent)

Grand Marquise Ballroom | Quenton + Ethel | quentonEthellWedding 0417African American Flower GirlMaurette Brown-Clark

What songs did you choose for your wedding ceremony and reception, and why:
There were 3 specific songs chosen for the ceremony:
The song choice for the Groom & Entourage was selected by both of us. When I returned home from a business trip in Florida, Quenton picked me up from the airport and when we entered our vehicle, he said that he had found the perfect song for our wedding. I listened and I agreed.

The song choice for the Bridal Party was selected on a drive home one evening and I realized that it was an expression of my love toward Quenton. Both songs were by Kem.

Finally, the song chosen for me was “The One He Kept For Me” by Maurette Brown-Clark. Allthough the song was written many years ago, I never heard it until a good friend was over visiting and we were discussing some of the details of the wedding. She asked if I were going to play that song. I told her that I had never heard it before. She played it for me, and it was a wrap. I told her that not only was I going to have that song at my wedding but that I was going to contact Maurette Brown-Clark and request that she come to perform it live.

My two year old granddaughter Kymia and I would listen to that song over and over again for hours. Kymia would sit in my lap, we would listen and sing together and when it was over she would simply say “again.” I made my request known to Maurette Brown-Clark, spoke with her and she kindly accepted.

The song choices for the reception where chosen gingerly as we both wanted to publicly express our love. Chrisette Michelle’s – A “Couple of Forevers” and LTD’s – “We Both Deserve Each Other’s Love”

Grand Marquise entrance Grand Marquise weddingWhat is your best memory from your wedding?
My son giving me away to my future husband.

Grand Marquise Ballroom wedding ceremony

Any bridesmaids / groomsmen gifts?
Bridesmaids gifts included customized Bridal Entourage T-shirts, wedding jewelry, and customized champagne flutes.

Groomsmen – Customized champagne flutes and customized cuff links with their initials.

Grand Marquise bride and walking down the aisleDid you incorporate any culture into your wedding? If yes, tell us more.
Kingdom Culture. Our wedding was a representation of our vision of heaven.

Grand Marquise Ballroom | Quenton + Ethel | quentonEthellWedding 0720Wedding gifts Any wedding favors:
Special wedding favor bags were created and given to out of town guests. Additionally, we have an amazing Photobooth for our guest to take pictures and leave memories for the Bride and Groom.

Your Perfect Cake - Greenville NCAnd your cake:
Your Perfect Cake from Greenville, NC.

Wedding day stationary How about the wedding invitations & stationery:
The blingtastic wedding “Save-the-Date,” wedding invitations, and Thank You cards were all designed by Bride & Groom and custom made by Anita Phillips of Creative Expressions.

Grand Marquise Ballroom

Grand Marquise Ballroom, Garner NC How / why did you choose your ceremony venue:
I had two venues in mind. We made appointments to see both on the same day. I took him to the one that I wanted him to choose first and then we visited the 2nd. The opulence of the Grand Marquise Ballroom in Garner, NC was the winner and we both agreed that it would represent the elegance that we were after.

Grand Marquise Ballroom wedding Was there any particular theme or style for your wedding:
The theme for our wedding was “All Things Bling,” which meant that everything would be glamorously elegant and fantastically blinging.

Bride and Groom cutting the cakeTell us about your honeymoon:
My husband gave me the honeymoon of my dreams. We spent 2 weeks in Dubai, United Emirates. Everything was first class all of the way.

Grand Marquise Ballroom | Quenton + Ethel | quentonEthellWedding 1187

And your decorations:
A Fresh Affair in Raleigh, NC and Dr. Ethel H. James (CV Linens – Chair Covers)

Favorite item on the reception menu:
The entire meal prepared by April Myers of Unforgettable Food Affairs, Inc.

Grand Marquise Ballroom | Quenton + Ethel | quentonEthellWedding 1276Grand Marquise mother of the brideTell us about your wedding photography:
Photography was done by the amazing Dajuan of In His Image Photography.

Wedding first dance And your videographer (if you had one):
Videography was done by Island Sounds of Raleigh, NC.

Grand Marquise Ballroom | Quenton + Ethel | quentonEthellWedding 1387Tell us about your wedding planner:
For 98% of my wedding planning it was completed by myself. On July 21, 2016, I acquired the final additional services of Sabrina Seymour to handle the day of responsibilities.

Grand Marquise Ballroom | Quenton + Ethel | quentonEthellWedding 1434Bride tossing bouquetAny advice for future brides:
When planning your wedding, make sure that you stay true to your dream and vision. Others will offer their advice, but remember it is only their advice. If you want it, then go for it. If you have specific concepts, stick to them and don’t allow anyone to change your mind. Wear the DRESS you want! Wear the SHOES you want! Have the CEREMONY that you and your fiance want! Everyone else will fall in line! Remember, it is never the Brides intent to become or come across as Bridezilla, it is the people that you have in the wedding party (Bridesmaids), that make you become Bridezilla because they want you to make all kinds of concessions for them and its YOUR wedding.

Grand Marquise Ballroom | Quenton + Ethel | quentonEthellWedding 1482Grand Marquise Ballroom | Quenton + Ethel | quentonEthellWedding 1529Any final thoughts:
Prayerfully and carefully select your wedding party. This is where the rubber meets the road and you will find out exactly who is in your corner. Don’t take it personally, just remember that the day is about you and your soon to be spouse. God Bless!

Grand Marquise Ballroom | Quenton + Ethel | quentonEthellWedding 1577

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