Planning for your Engagement Photo Session: 5 Things to Consider

Are you recently engaged and interested in an engagement photo session? Here are five things to consider for an awesome engagement photography session:

1. Establish a theme or vision for your session

This is one of the first things that comes to mind for me when talking with a prospective client: what’s your vision for your session?  The answer here helps put everything else into place.  You are free to let loose your fantasy and allow us to bring it to life.  You’re not limited to pictures at the park unless that is exactly what you’d like!  If an immediate response for your theme or vision isn’t on the tip of your tongue, ask yourself this:

  1. What do we like to do?  Or even, what would we like to do?
  2. Where do we like to go?
  3. What locations or scenes reflect our personality?
Howard University engagement photo
Engagement session at Howard University by Dajuan Jones

2. Choose a location that reflects your theme

Once you’ve identified a theme or vision for your engagement photography session, choosing a location becomes much more defined.  If your vision includes having lunch under the shade of an oak tree overlooking a prairie of sunflowers, then we can definitely rule out downtown Raleigh!  But with such a vision in hand, we can begin discussing the locations that reflect your theme and make arrangements accordingly.

3. Dress the part

This is not just clothing, but accessories too!  What to wear has been a question that comes up more often when a theme hasn’t been considered.  But again, even wardrobe is best defined with a vision in mind.  If your vision includes dinner and a night out on the town, then you’ll likely want to dress up complete with clutch purse and pumps (if that’s your thing).  Here both the bride & groom to be should look the part and be an accessory to one another.  If walking along the beach is your vision, then flip flops or sandals are optional (going barefoot is the norm), as nickers or pants that roll up at the hem may come to mind.

BIltomore Estate Engagement Photo
Engagement session at Biltmore Estate by Dajuan Jones

4. Choose a photographer that can bring your vision to light

Once you’ve gotten this far, choosing a photographer to capture the event becomes definable.  Whose work and style look the part?  Whose work do you appreciate for more than the “subjects” of the images?  This can be a difficult area to articulate, but we all know what we like and what we don’t care for, so let’s start there.  Then ask yourself, or the prospective photographer, how would you bring this vision to life?  You’ll like the answer from the photographer that’s right for you! This is a great time for you to view my engagement session portfolio! If you like what you see there, let’s talk!

5. Execute and be you

The last thing is to execute the vision and be you!  Remember, we started with your fantasy or ideas for the session.  This really should be all about you two.  Therefore, do what comes naturally when you’re in your element.  If you’re playful, don’t hold back.  If you’re more reserved, then go there, be you and enjoy the moment.  Having fun is relative to what we enjoy doing with one another.  As your photographer, it’s important that you (as my client) enjoy your session in your own unique way.

Downtown Charlotte engagement session in the evening
Engagement session uptown Charlotte by Dajuan Jones
African American Wedding Photographer