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For those of you still in the beginning phases of your wedding planning in North Carolina, you might not have picked a wedding venue yet. If that’s the case for you, let us be the first to say we love Prestonwood Country Club. If you are looking for an elegant setting and unmatched splendor, Prestonwood might be right for you.

An elegant white wedding dress hangs in a luxurious hallway with wood flooring, draped curtains, and classic decor at Prestonwood Country Club, awaiting its moment in the spotlight.
A Prestonwood Country Club wedding welcome card with details stands amidst a bouquet and satin bridal shoes, flanked by wedding rings, symbolizing the elegance and romance of marriage.
A group of eight dapper men in matching black suits, with the central figure in a distinguished gray suit, confidently pose on a wooden bridge amidst a serene forest setting at Prestonwood Country Club, exhibiting

Ceremony and Reception Options

Prestonwood Country Club has a 6,000-square-foot indoor space overlooking the incredible 54-hole golf course. This country club has all of the best amenities for its members and will pull out all the stops for their wedding clients as well. Prestonwood has space for both ceremonies and receptions. So if you want both your wedding and your ceremony to be located on-site, Prestonwood can do that. Or if you have a special place in mind for your ceremony but want all the space and grandeur of Prestonwood for your reception, they can do that too.

A groom confidently leads his groomsmen, all dressed in sleek black tuxedos with boutonnieres, down a serene wooden path at Prestonwood Country Club, evoking a sense of camar
Groom wearing a crisp white suit jacket and black trousers clasps their hands behind their back, highlighting an elegant gold wristwatch which complements the formal attire at the Prestonwood Country Club.
Groom in a dapper white jacket and black bowtie receives a boutonniere adjustment from another sharply dressed individual at Prestonwood Country Club, moments of sophistication captured before a grand event.

Prestonwood Country Club Wedding Photographer

A bride playfully peeks from behind the groom, both elegantly dressed for their wedding, as they share a joyful moment on a sunny day with the charming Prestonwood Country Club as their backdrop.
A radiant bride in a white gown with a cascading veil holds a bouquet, exchanging smiles and an affectionate gaze with a dapper groom in a black suit, amidst the classical porch setting of Preston

Prestonwood Country Club Wedding Ceremony

A couple exchanges vows at an elegant indoor staircase adorned with candles at Prestonwood Country Club, with an officiant leading the ceremony.
A couple exchanges vows at Prestonwood Country Club in a grand, candlelit staircase setting, officiated by a smiling celebrant, creating an intimate and elegant ambiance.

Prestonwood Country Club Wedding Photos

A couple dressed in wedding attire shares an intimate moment at Prestonwood Country Club, with lush greenery and gathering clouds above, symbolizing the beginning of their life's journey together.
A joyful bride and groom embrace on Prestonwood Country Club's golf course, the bride being carried in the groom's arms, with a serene backdrop of lush greens and scattered trees, symbolizing their new

The Grand Ballroom facility is the most prominent location on-site, with space for 350 guests at a seated dinner or 1,000 guests standing. The most remarkable feature of this location is the gorgeous staircase leading down into the ballroom. Many couples choose to use the bottom of the staircase as the altar for the ceremony, with the staircases in the background. This backdrop produces some astounding photos for our wedding clients. The ballroom also leads to a veranda where guests can enjoy the beautiful scenery while sipping a cocktail and mingling with other guests, as well as a great dance floor.

An elegant ballroom at Prestonwood Country Club, adorned with golden draperies, a grand staircase, purple ambient lighting, and a dance floor with a monogram, awaiting a festive celebration.
An elegant banquet hall at Prestonwood Country Club is set for a grand event, with round tables adorned in white linens, golden chairs, and towering floral centerpieces. Soft lighting complements the crystal
A bride and groom stands hand-in-hand before the grand Prestonwood Country Club reception hall, adorned with elegant floral arrangements, under the warm glow of a chandelier, celebrating their union.

The main clubhouse is another space Prestonwood offers to their brides and grooms for ceremonies and receptions. This is a more intimate setting with seating for 80 to 150 people. It has a cathedral ceiling with picturesque exposed wood beams. If you have a smaller guest list planned, this is the right setting for you.

Other Wedding Features and Amenities

Since this country club is one of the best in the area, their catering is also top-notch. Prestonwood can provide incredible plated dinners for your guests and offers a full bar.

They also offer all of the AV equipment necessary for your DJ to use, such as showing a slideshow or having other images projected during your ceremony or reception.

A joyful bride and groom in elegant wedding attire cutting a multi-tiered cake adorned with flowers at their Prestonwood Country Club reception, surrounded by romantic candlelight.

Other essential information summarized by The Knot is that it is the perfect indoor venue but doesn’t generally have receptions or ceremonies outside. However, couples can use the grounds to capture portraits and other photos with the greenery or the stately country club building in the background.

In His Image Photography at Prestonwood Country Club

In His Image Photography is a preferred photographer for Prestonwood Country Club. We have shot many weddings there, so if you choose Prestonwood Country Club for your wedding, we know all of the best locations to get jaw-dropping bridal portraits, sweet places to steal a candid of the bride and groom, and how to get the best angle on the sprawling space in the Grand Ballroom. Whether you decide on Prestonwood Country Club as your special day’s location, we would love to meet you and discuss your wedding photography.

Prestonwood Country Club

Address: 300 Prestonwood Parkway Cary, NC 27513

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