Bridal Portraits

Most couples are familiar with engagement sessions. In contrast, bridal sessions have become the lesser-known genre in wedding photography. So, what are bridal portraits, and are they important?

Bridal Portrait at Champagne Manor

What are Bridal Portraits?

Bridal portraits are created during a bridal session where the bride-to-be is photographed in her wedding dress, often captured a few months before the wedding day.

Bridal portrait at The Fearrington in Chapel Hill.

Importance of Bridal Portraits

Since the session takes place before the wedding day, there is less overall stress or anxiety. The session serves as a test run for your hairstyle, makeup, and overall appearance for your wedding day. It also allows you to work closely with your photographer. The session itself often increases your confidence and happiness as you approach the wedding day.

The bridal session and resulting portraits are special not just for the bride, but also for your spouse and your family members. Your loved ones will reflect on this time in your life, and all that you mean to them. Let’s take a look at the importance of bridal portraiture in the eyes of the people you love.

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Importance to Your Parents

Traditionally, your parents are gifted your bridal portraits as a “thank you” for their role in your life leading up to the wedding day. The portraits help your parents celebrate the woman you’ve become and all of your achievements. Understandably, your parents are proud of you and the portraits make sense to be trusted to their care after the wedding day.

Outdoor Bridal Portraits

Importance to You

The days leading up to your wedding day are some of the happiest in your life. You, mom, and your closest bridesmaids are searching for the perfect gown, agreeing on the wedding decor and food for that evening. In many ways, the bridal portrait is the culmination of the time the bride and her tribe spent saying yes to the dress and all the details associated with it.

Getting into your gown ahead of the wedding day is just for you. There isn’t a wedding day timeline constraining you. No last-minute questions or decisions on the reception playlist. It’s just you enjoying this moment, feeling beautiful, and looking amazing.

The portrait will remind you just how happy you were during this time.

Bridal Portraits On Location

Importance to Your Spouse

Your new spouse absolutely adores you. He’s looking forward to spending the rest of his life with you. This moment in time is special to him as well. He has found his soulmate and portraits of you in your wedding regalia helps him celebrate the moment as well. What man wouldn’t love to see his lady looking amazing in celebration of their wedding?

Bridal Portrait at the Merrimon-Wynne House

Importance to Your Children

In the future, your children will look at your bridal pictures and marvel at this time in your life. It will give them a glimpse into the mom they never knew!

Bridal Portrait at City Club Raleigh

Simplify the Wedding Day Timeline

The bride is often last with the hairstylist and make-up artist. Preparations on the wedding day rarely execute as scheduled. Because starting the wedding ceremony on time is important, often something early in the day is likely sacrificed. Scheduling your bridal session in advance of the wedding day ensures that you don’t miss out on this opportunity. It also allows you to remain calm during wedding day preparations and enjoy the time with your wedding party.

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Reveal at the Wedding Reception

Even after the ceremony, most of your guests are excited to see you in your gown up close. Your bridal portrait display will allow attendees to soak in just how beautiful you are. The evidence of this will be the line of guests wanting to take a photo of your portrait!

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Celebrate Yourself

Set aside time to celebrate yourself. Even if your wedding day has passed, you can still schedule a post-wedding bridal session, enjoy the session just the same, and reap the benefits of those portraits for years to come. When you’re older, you’ll look fondly at the bridal portraits and be proud of who you were and who you’ve become. This is one of the best benefits of bridal portraiture.

Bridal portrait at Durke Gardens

Great venues for bridal portraits:

The Merrimon-Wynne House

The Cotton Room

Champagne Manor

Separk Mansion

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