Engagement Photos in Durham | Patrick + Crystal

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to capture engagement photos in Durham for Patrick + Crystal. Often these portrait sessions have a mixture of ‘getting to know you’ under currents. I’m typically trying to learn as much as I can about the couple in preparation for photographing their wedding day. In turn, the couple is often feeling their way through being photographed professionally as a couple. Sometimes they are dealing with that slightly nervous feeling you get when someone is watching you, but only this time you know exactly who it is. Well, this time it was a little bit different. You see, I went into this session knowing that I couldn’t photograph their wedding day. I was already booked for the date they shared with me. Even though I wasn’t available for their wedding day, they still asked if I’d photograph their engagement session. We moved quickly because this was a mini session. During our time, I learned that they had moved their wedding date after they originally contacted me, but I was just finding out about it. We were having a great time, with wonderful chemistry. Yet inside I’m trying to recall if I was already booked for their new date. However that didn’t matter much because they had already secured a different photographer. In addition to some personality reflective styled images, I left wondering how did I let the opportunity to photograph the wedding of this awesome couple slip by me. Well, I do have a few fun images from their session to share with you. And after you have a glance at this, be sure to see Crystal’s Duke Chapel bridal portraits we captured as well.

Engagement Photos in Durham

Share with us how you two met:
Patrick and I met in college in 2008. We both were members of a thriving student organization on campus which we were both passionate about. He was the president at the time and therefore was very busy and well known across the campus. We has seen each other in passing on occasion, but never spoke to one another. Spring of 2008, a mutual friend had a passing in his family and we both planned to attend the funeral. As president, Patrick organized a carpool to take a few members, me being on of them. After a long drive back which consisted of bonding and talking, I insisted that he text me to ensure that he arrived home safe. Ever since then, the text messages never stopped! Our friendship suddenly grew into a more serious state. June 2008, we made it official and we dated for six years!

Engagement Photos in Durham (1)

Tell us about your proposal:
The proposal took place in Atlanta, GA in Brizo Restaurant in downtown Buckhead. What initially had planned to be a typical memorial day weekend, turned into a life changing moment for us both!

After recognizing that Patrick made reservations specifically for us in a private room, I was taken back by how intimate our dinner was. After casual conversations, suddenly Patrick shifts gears and makes reference to Muhammed Ali and metaphorically linked him to our future together. The conversation continued on and became more serious in nature. After listening to him, suddenly, Patrick gets out of his chair and proceeds to play a slideshow of photos of us. I instantly began to tear up as I continue to watch the slide show. I could not believe he kept photos from when we first met up until the present! All the while, while I am watching the slide show, the very last slide comes up and it says, “Will you marry me?” In total shock, I instantly look to my left to find Patrick down on bending knee holding a pretty blue box. He begins to express his love for me and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. Eventually, as Patrick asks me for my for my hand in marriage, he breaks down in tears. Of course, I join him in tears and fell into his arms and without hesitation and said, “Yes!” (with a sigh of relief afterward). All the while, he had set-up for the waiter to take photos of the proposal. We ended the night overlooking the skyline with the fire pit burning on the top floor of the restaurant. What an memorable night!

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How / why did you choose your engagement session location?
We planned to get married at the Duke University Chapel in Durham, NC. Therefore, shooting our engagement session in downtown Durham, NC was a good fit. Further, Patrick and I love Durham and have had great memories in this city. To add, my husband is from Durham which made shooting here meaningful for us both!

In regards to bridal portraits, we planned to have our wedding ceremony at the Duke University Chapel. This location was best to capture this site.

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Did you enjoy your engagement session?
Yes! Our engagement session was stress free and entertaining as well. Dajuan was such a wonderful photographer and will be a very memorable experience for us both!

As for the bridal portraits, that session was incredible and was very enjoyable! The wonderful rapport and the beautiful weather made this such an enjoyable experience! Dajuan worked with my mom which made it an even more intimate experience. Further, to see Dajuan go above and beyond for the sake of achieving incredible shots was very rewarding. Overall, this was a very memorable and fulfilling experience!

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Engagement Photos in Durham (5)

Anything else you’d like to share?
Dajuan, you have truly contributed to our wedding in an unforgettable way. I am thoroughly grateful to have worked with you on the occasions that we have, all which have been rewarding and very pleasing! I am grateful for you offering me an opportunity to work with you for my bridal portraits, which were amazing! Thank you so very much, I am so fortunate to have these as a keepsake!

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Engagement Photos in Durham (7)

Any feedback you’d like to leave for our studio (anything at all)?
You all are superb!!


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