Family Photos at The Cotton Room

In January I collaborated with a team to offer family photos at The Cotton Room. Photos of my family have always been important to me. It’s one of the reasons I was drawn to professional photography. And that is why I am such an advocate for having your family photos displayed in your home.

Family Photos

Family Photos Displayed in Your Home

Here is what their family photo would look like displayed as a 40×30 inch print in the home! I can show each client what their photos will look like in their own homes. It’s one of the benefits of the image reveal after the portrait session. Imagine coming home from work and relaxing in this environment. Doesn’t this feel like home?

Family Photos in Your Home

Family Photos at The Cotton Room

Family portrait sessions capture the parents with and without the children. I like to get them to cozy up with one another like they’re going out on a date!

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And each parent has a few images of themselves as well. You’ve worked hard to get to this point in your lives. It’s easy for moms to put the needs and wants of the family ahead of their own. After a little date-like cuddling with husBae, let’s celebrate YOU individually!

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Family Photos  | The Cotton Room

I absolutely love this location. Click here to see our weddings at The Cotton Room.

Family Photos are Meaningful to Children

Cleveland clinical phycologist Dr. Krauss finds the idea of a family photo gallery particularly appealing to children. “What it says to a child is, ‘I’m important in this family.’ ” It also shows a child he or she is meaningfully connected to others in the pictures. Favorite photos in a child’s room can enhance the feeling of safety, or offer stimulation. “You want a room to be a safe place where interests, imagination, and curiosity come to light,” Dr. Krauss says. That means a room with images that not only document past joy but also showcase what fascinates a child. Source: The Baltimore Sun

Family Photos On Location

We photograph them individually, together, and with their parents. There are always plenty of images for you to review after the portrait session. The difficulty comes in narrowing down which ones you will have displayed throughout the home.

Family Photography for Your Children

Your Next Steps

We offer styled family portrait sessions at various times throughout the year. To learn about our upcoming styled family photo sessions, visit our Family Photography page.

Family Photos in Your Home

Venue: The Cotton Room

Planner: Classiq Company Events

Decor: Petal & Oak

Florist: Genesis Eventos Florales

Photographer: In His Image Photography

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