Lincolnton, NC Wedding | Charlie + Makenzee

When I received the inquiry for wedding day photography from Mrs. Masters, the mother of the bride, I knew that Charlie + Makenzee had a beautiful story. From our first conversation to our first time meeting, I knew that the In His Image Photography team would want to capture such a momentous occasion in their lives. Charlie + Makenzee not only share their love for God and each other, they also share their testimonies by ministering to their church and community. It was an honor to have the opportunity to travel to Lincolnton, NC and share in this joyous occasion with Charlie + Makenzee, and the entire New Vision Ministries family.

Lincolnton, NC Wedding

Complete with insights from the bride!

Smokey wedding first dance


Charlie + Makenzee
March 11, 2017
New Vision Ministries
Lincolnton, NC

Groom wedding preparation

Share with us how you two met:
Charlie and I had known each other for years but never talked to each other. I thought he was good looking so he must have been the “pretty boy” type, and Charlie thought that I was the girl that he wouldn’t have a chance with. We “officially” met at the gym where I was working at the time.

Lincolnton, NC Wedding | Charlie + Makenzee | charlieMakenzeeWedding 0056

Tell us about your proposal:
Charlie reserved a Historic Mansion and proposed to me there. Within the mansion, there were 3 different rooms. The first room had 3 different tables, draped in white tablecloths. On the first table was our first picture together, a red rose, and a letter entitled “To my best friend…” On the second table was our first picture together as boyfriend and girlfriend with a pink rose and a letter entitled “To my girlfriend…” On the third table was our last picture together before that particular day. There was a white rose and a letter entitled “To…” I then proceeded to another room where there was a chandelier above my head, 11,000 rose petals along an aisle, with Charlie standing at the end. I proceeded to walk down the aisle and he gave the most beautiful speech to me and then proposed. My family joined us from the third room. It was such a surprise.

New Vision Ministries Wedding

New Vision Ministries wedding


How / why did you choose your ceremony venue:
I wanted to get married in a church. Plus, I couldn’t take a chance on bugs living in my dress or me getting hot haha.

New Vision Ministries

Bride with wedding gown

Describe your wedding dress. What was wedding shopping like for you?
My dress is very vintage but classy. It’s a strapless, ivory dress with 7 different layers of materials and kinds of lace.

Mother daughter wedding prep

Bridesmaids first look

Tell us about your bridesmaids:
They all are the…but really, they all were so amazing for my wedding. I’m so blessed to have each of them in my life.

Mom pins boutonniere

Grooms first look with mom

Brides first look with dad

Brides first look with dad

Brides first look with dad

How about your wedding shoes and jewelry:
The necklace I wore was a crystal necklace my mother found for me.

Groom serenading his bride

Bride and groom first prayer

Lincolnton, NC Wedding | Charlie + Makenzee | charlieMakenzeeWedding 0044

Tell us about your flowers:
My mother made my bouquet and arranged it :)

Grooms wedding entrance

Brides wedding entrance

Groom falls to his knees

New Vision Ministries Wedding

And your decorations:
We had huge crystal columns to frame the dance floor, as well as a chandelier hanging in the middle. I wanted the chandelier because we were engaged under one and chandeliers have always been one of my favorite things.

Wedding day sand ceremony

Fathers praying on the wedding day

Worship on their wedding dayWhat is your best memory from your wedding?
Oh gosh, I don’t have a best one, but I would say I’ll never forget the Holy Spirit’s presence on the stage when we began to worship him together as One and as his bride.

Bride and groom laugh before first kiss

The very first kiss on the wedding day

Lincolnton, NC Wedding

Bride and groom wedding exit

Was there any particular theme or style for your wedding:
Charlie and I absolutely love the 50s/60s era. We love how love was back then. The music was full of love and what it truly means to be in love with someone. I chose to go with champagne gold and red roses to class it up.

Roses mean a lot to Charlie and I. I’ve always loved roses, but my favorites are the white ones because they are so pure and bright. Growing up, my dad always gave me white roses for my birthdays and Valentine’s day. I think it’s super cute that Charlie does the same thing. On random occasions, Charlie always gives me red or pink roses, but on special days, he gives me white roses.

Groomsmen portrait

Bride and maid of honor portrait

Vintage red wedding car

Classic wedding car

Just married photo

Funny groomsmen photo

Tell us about his groomsmen:
Complete…and utter….nut jobs.

Just kidding, they are all really crazy and goofy, but they are always there for Charlie. The groomsmen are so supportive, and most importantly, they always bring laughter and joy wherever they go.

Groom and best man portrait

Wedding ring photo

Bride and groom veil wedding portrait

Tell us about your honeymoon:
We went to Emerald Isle, NC and it was paradise! Our time spent there was so peaceful, Charlie and I loved traveling to all the different islands.

Scenic wedding portrait

Day of wedding bridal portrait

Tell us about your wedding photography:
I don’t have words to describe because of how amazing everyone was. Charlie and I were blown away by the photos and how professional the team was. We loved everything.


Bride and groom wedding portrait

New Vision Ministries Wedding

Wedding cake topper

Wedding ring set

Wedding reception sweetheart table

And your videographer (if you had one):
Kara Brown was our videographer from Florida. Her work is flawless and she’s different than any videographer. Watching her videos makes it feel as if you are watching a movie in time instead of just watching memories.

Wedding dinner decor

Favorite item on the reception menu:
The chicken nuggets.

Wedding cake

Groom holding his bride

What songs did you choose for your wedding ceremony and reception, and why:
Our first dance was to the song, “Take me Home” by Us The Duo. Charlie had that song playing in the background when he proposed to me.

Touching father daughter reception image

My dad and I’s song that we danced to was “Cinderella” by Stephen Curtis Chapman. We chose to dance to that song because it’s very sentimental to us. When I was young my dad almost died twice of two heart attacks out of nowhere. When he was in the hospital we would always listen to that song. Prior to him having the heart attacks, we would always play the song when we were together. The second heart attack was severe and they didn’t know if my dad would make it. I would cry about how I knew my dad was going to live to walk me down the aisle. I started making a video of he and I, just in case he didn’t make it. My dad ended up pulling through, and I’m so blessed that he is here today. I’m so happy that he got to walk me down the aisle, and dance with me to our song.

Father dancing with his princess

Father daughter first dance

Mother son first dance

Mother son first dance

Lincolnton, NC Wedding | Charlie + Makenzee | charlieMakenzeeWedding 1737

Any wedding favors:
My favorite wedding favor was a little box we had for all the guests. In each box was a gold Hershey’s Kiss that said on the bottom of it, “Our First Kiss.”

Bride's wedding performance

What is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples?
PLAN WAY AHEAD. Do not plan the wedding any less than 6 months.

Wedding wishing tree

Any advice for future brides:
Put God first in your marriage and everything that you do. On your special day, things happen and things go wrong. Be determined not to let yourself be overwhelmed or to stress out if something doesn’t work out. On my wedding day, I chose not to stress and I was determined to not be a ‘bridezilla.’ Some things went wrong and were missing, but it was okay. Enjoy your day and don’t let anyone or anything steal your joy. Take in every moment throughout the day.

Wishing tree

Wedding kiss on the dance floor


Any final thoughts:
We saved our first kiss until our wedding day.

I had saved my kiss all my life because at the age of 6 I made the decision that I wanted to be able to give a rare gift to my future husband.

Charlie has an amazing testimony/story of restoration and redemption. Between the ages of 16 and 21 he slipped into a life of full-blown rebellion. Charlie partied like no other. He would drink from Friday evening till Sunday morning at parties nonstop, with little to no sleep. Charlie then began to get into drugs and so forth. In the midst of this, he became an atheist, claiming there was no God and denouncing the name of Jesus. One morning after a night of drinking and drugs, he woke up and thought to himself, “I’m going nowhere in life. I’m wasting it. It’s only going to get worse from here.” Charlie continued to party but stopped hardcore drugs and getting drunk. This is where God began to intervene.

When I came into Charlie’s life, he had been 6 months sober and only went to a party if he was a DD. I didn’t know his life period at the time of going out on our first date together. By our second date, I told him how I was and that I wasn’t going to waste my time and emotions on any man that only wants me because I’m seen as a challenge. Charlie was the most respectful man I had ever met. He was the first one that thought it was amazing how I carried myself and my standards. He didn’t call me dumb or tell me it was dumb that I was saving myself, and I didn’t date to just date and have fun. From then on I opened up to him about my views and my relationship with Jesus and how God is not a God of religion but a God of relationship. That’s all he wants with his children.

I ended up taking Charlie to an Eddie James conference as a test. Either this man was going to encounter God’s presence and run, or he was going to get a glimpse and have a hunger to want and know more. Needless to say, Charlie wanted to know more of God who had been waiting for Charlie to come home and run into his arms. From then on, Charlie has become the most amazing man of God and I’m so honored to call him my husband. I’m blessed that God has blessed me with someone who has had a story as such. Our heart is ministry, especially with youth and young adults. Therefore, we are able to tag team when it comes to ministering. I’ve had people make comments to me such as,” I thought that Makenzee Masters would end up with a virgin like herself and someone that hasn’t done anything. I’m shocked.”

I’m actually so glad that God brought me Charlie into my life. We have two different stories with two different backgrounds. On one side of the spectrum I’m able to teach on, “If you’re saving yourself, stay strong, its worth it!” However, on the other side he’s able to teach on, “If you’ve messed up, it’s okay. God is a God of love and forgiveness. You can be renewed in him, maybe not physically but spiritually, you can be made whole and new again and that is what matters in the end.”

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