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Who wants boring professional headshots? No one, that’s who. That’s why we infuse our subject’s personality in our Signature Headshot Sessions. Your professional headshots will go from simple identification to eye-catching.  And that is what will prompt your audience to want to know what you have to say, read your bio, and spend a little more time reviewing your cover letter.

Professional business headshot

I recommend several looks for your headshot session. This provides you flexibility in your media kit for the various audiences you’ll encounter. Tiara brought business attire for her CEO look, and something more casual while fitting her personal brand. The more you bring, the more options you will have during your session!

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During Tiara’s session, I added a color gel to play off of her lipstick color. If this works with your personality, include it in your media kit. I want you to leave well equipped even if it’s just a social media profile update!

Creative Branding Session

Many of my clients are working professional making strides in corporate America, entrepreneurship, and partnerships, as well as foundations and faith-based organizations. Or if you’re Tiara, you do all of those things while wrapping up her Nurse Practitioner degree  and planning her wedding!

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While I very much enjoy lifestyle branding and headshot sessions, studio headshot session still have their place. The right choice for you depends on what you want to convey to your audience. Studio sessions have long since been the standard for professional headshots and should be a staple in your branding arsenal, just like a black suit or cocktail dress.

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When was YOUR last headshot session? Wait, you’re bio has the image captured by your company’s badge and ID? No worries. Many people are in the same predicament. This is your opportunity to stand out from the masses. Own your personal brand and market yourself to the doors you’ve been hoping for.

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